Our video surveillance systems have multiple uses and benefits when it comes to protecting your home or business:

Most importantly, they ensure that your information and data are kept absolutely private by utilizing the same software that many banks and credit card companies do.
You are able to view the feed remotely, anywhere that has internet access.
Our video surveillance cameras detect when there is motion of any kind, triggering the recording, so if you want to keep an eye on the door for when the kids get home the ability is a mere click away.
Your video surveillance system can also be utilized while you’re at home: as a baby monitor, or if you need to watch the kids in the playroom while you work or make dinner. You can check who is knocking on the front door without having to go to it, and even use it to keep an eye on the pets.
For an expertly installed video surveillance system, contact Security Tech Group. We are the local face of nationwide security conglomerate ADT, which means we have their decades of expertise combined with our decades of experience serving the Coachella Valley community. Call us today at 305.631.2228 for a free in-home consultation to assess your surveillance needs.