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Cutler Bay  Statistics

With an area of just 4.9 square miles, Cutler Bay is an incorporated town in Miami-Dade  established in 2005.  Cutler Bay is best known as the location of the  Charles Deering Estate. Located  along the edge of Biscayne, the Dearing Estate is a popular tourist attraction and an environmental, archaeological and historical preserve. At the Cutler Fossil Site you will find fossils of  mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and California condors.  The park also has tantalizing evidence of  Native American dwellings from about 10,000 ago.  The decision to incorporate such a small area in 2005 came about partly by the efforts to recover from Hurricane Andrew which had made landfall and devastated the area in 1992. The area had been called Cutler Ridge since the 1870s but a slim majority of voters decided to rename it Cutler Bay in 2005.

Population in 2013:     43,328

Burglaries in 2013:           527

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cutler bay home security profile: crime comparison index is 287

Danger Comparison Index:

cutler bay home security profile: pie chart showing burglaries at 12%

Crimes by type for 2013:













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